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Performance Chips for the 92-95 model year Subaru SVX



The JECS engine management computer Subaru utilized for the SVX is very good but the original equipment mass air flow meter and fuel injectors don't have much  capacity beyond what is required for stock power output levels.  If we want to make a lot more power we need to change the fuel injectors and the air flow meter.  The firmware in the ECU needs to be adjusted to enable us to do so.

We have performance chips for the SVX  which are already fine tuned for particular fuel injector and mass air flow meter combinations.  Our most popular one which is available "off the shelf" is tuned for  using the 370cc injectors from the Nissan Skyline and the Z32 mass air flow meter from the Nissan 300zx.  These fuel injectors fit the SVX fuel rail and the Z32 air flow meter fits the SVX air box and "snorkus."  The electrical connectors must be changed.  The Z32 air flow meter is capable of measuring about 500hp worth of air.  The 370cc injectors are comfortably capable of delivering about 350hp of fuel.

Other options include:

  • Subaru STI yellow top injectors with a single Z32 air flow meter
  • Subaru STI yellow top injectors with two SVX air flow meters
  • 740cc Nismo injectors with a single Z32 air flow meter
  • 740cc Nismo injectors with two Z32 air flow meters

These options are currently special order but easily producible.  We can also make custom chips for any other reasonable injector and air meter combination.  For any custom orders your injectors, air flow meter/s, and in dual intake setups your intake plumbing must be provided to us for testing.  We will actually install your parts on an SVX and test everything before declaring the job done and sending you your chip.

Installation instructions in PDF format can be obtained here: Installation_Instructions.pdf

  SVX performance chip for 370cc injectors and Z32 AFM $329
  16 bit update/upgrade ROM for current style memory adapters
  Pair of 8 bit update/upgrade ROMs for older style memory adapters
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