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Slick Multi-tune adapter for 27C512 or 27SF512 ROMs



This is the slickest multi-tune option out there for the tuners of most OBD1 vehicles.   Most 1985 - 1995 GM models, 1986 - 1995 Nissan models, 1990- 1994 Mitsubishi 1G models with eprom ECMs or eprom ECM conversions, and 1988 - 1995 Honda and Acura models utilized 28 pin 8 bit memory devices like the 27c128, 27c256, or 27c512.   The Multi-tune Adapter installs into the standard 28 pin ROM socket of your Engine Management Computer, memcal or other memory adapter--anyplace you would plug in a 27C128, 27c256, or 27c512 ROM.  It allows the use of a 512k ROM (most commonly a 27sf512 these days) and has a power input which will switch between the upper and lower half of the 512k ROM.  This allows you to have two versions of software installed and to switch between them on the fly.

The switching is invisible to the engine management computer and because it uses a power input to initiate the switch it can be controlled by another electronic device as well as a simple manual switch.   Common uses are to tune for multiple types of fuels, connect to boost controllers to allow special tuning at different boost levels, or to wire to nitrous oxide relays to offer all your engine control unit's power to you for tuning your nitrous shot.  Wired to your nitrous relays it will instantaneously switch to your 2nd tune when your relays open allowing you to put all your fuel in through your injectors or just fine tune your afr with your wet shot, customize your ignition timing, etc., etc.   This is the way you want to do nitrous.

Please check the physical constraints of your application before ordering.  This device will add 0.320 inches of height at the ROM socket and 0.400 inches of height at the voltage regulator.  It is  0.800 inches wide by 2.300 inches long. 

If you are a professional tuner, shop, or someone who has really let his stable of race cars get out of hand we have these available in perforated/scored sheets of 40, half sheets of 20, and 1/4 sheets of 10.

  Multi-tune adapter with gold sleeve adapter & short wire lead $39
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